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Professor Dr. Eng. Mir Wais Hosseini sustained within Contemporary Chemistry Conferences, in 2010, the presentation "Molecular Tectonics: from structural units to crystal architecture". The paper of Mr. Hosseini deals with the shaping of molecular networks, a phenomenon whose scientific research is still in its infancy, but which finds applicability in the generation of structurally controlled networks.

Originally from Afghanistan, Mr. Mir Wais Hosseini moved to Strasbourg in 1972 where he obtained his PhD working with Jean-Marie Lehn. He returned to Strasbourg in the early nineties after spells at Kansas University and the University of California at Berkley and is currently Professor at the Institut Universitaire de France as well as being Professor of Chemistry and director of the Organic Coordination Chemistry Laboratory at the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France.

Throughout his career he has won, among many others, awards from NATO and the French Society of Chemistry. Also, in 2007 he received the Gheorghe Spacu Medal of the Romanian Society of Chemistry.

Recently, in 2012, he won the Franco-German bi-national Grignard-Wittig GDCH-SCF. Professor Hosseini has published nearly 300 specialized materials in internationally renowned journals. Also, the professor claimed nearly 400 conferences and seminars in France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, USA and, not finally, Romania.

He was involved in the organization of several scientific meetings, among which: "The third International Summer School: "Porphyrin based supramolecular systems in Chemistry and Biology" (2010, SUA), "Supramolecular Systems in Chemistry and Biology" (2010, Ucraina), "Supramolecular Nanomaterial Science Symposium" (2010, Strasbourg), "The sixth International Symposium on supramolecular systems in chemistry and biology" (2012, Strasbourg).

His research interests include molecular tectonics: organic and metallo-organic molecular networks, non-transitional element complexes (B, Al, Si); molecular recognition, artificial enzymes, non-covalent polymer crosslinking, magnetism and nonlinear optics of molecular materials.

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